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Introducing New Productivity Software for Google Apps and BroncoMail

Introducing New Productivity Software for Google Apps and BroncoMail

The Office of Information Technology has added the following software to Google Apps for Employees and BroncoMail (unless otherwise indicated) at Boise State University:

Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar

(Google Apps for Employees only)

Spanning Undelete provides you with access to anything you’ve deleted off Google Calendar (for all calendars you own).

We’ve all had experiences where we’ve accidentally deleted a calendar event, and then muttered a choice word or two when we had to recreate the event from scratch.

Now you can restore any deleted calendar appointment in Google Calendar.

All events you delete from your calendar ares recorded and listed in Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar. Simply “un-delete” calendar events to restore them.

Spanning Undelete

Get Started with Spanning Undelete

Click the More menu in Google Apps and select Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar.

Learn More

The Spanning Undelete tool is self-explanatory to use. If you have questions or problems, please email the OIT Help Desk at, or call 426-4357.


SlideRocket is a cloud-based presentation software app that gives you more features and functions than Google Presentations. It arguably even gives PowerPoint a run for its money with its fresh look and feel.

You can access your SlideRocket presentations offline and via mobile devices.

Adding, managing, measuring and charting (forums and polls included) have been made easier to access and use, without shaving off major features. You’ll have sharing and collaboration options, access to revision history, and the ability to pull analytics information right from the SlideRocket Dashboard. The Analytics tab allows you to keep track of how many times your presentation as been viewed, the duration time for which it was opened, and view poll and form responses.

You can integrate SlideRocket with:

  • YouTube: Use YouTube videos to enhance your presentation.
  • Flickr: Search for pictures directly from your presentation, and create your own folder of Flickr photos in SlideRocket.
  • Google Contacts: Send invites via email to with easy sharing and notification options.

Get Started with SlideRocket

Click the More menu in Google Apps or BroncoMail and select SlideRocket.

Learn More

Once you’ve logged in to SlideRocket, click Help at upper-right.


Lucidchart is collaborative diagrams done right.

With Lucidchart, you get options for org charts, flowcharts, wireframes and mockups, and UML to create your diagrams the right way. You don’t have to email your co-workers or partners for the updates and fixes…it’s all done on one copy in Lucidchart.


Getting Started with Lucidchart

Click the More menu in Google Apps or BroncoMail and select Lucidchart.

Learn More

Visit the Lucidchart tutorials site.

Need Help? Just Ask!

The applications listed above aren’t “officially supported” by Google. As such, some application support may be limited. For questions or more information, please contact the OIT Help Desk at, or call 426-4357.

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