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New: Automatically Reschedule Events in Google Calendar

New: Automatically Reschedule Events in Google Calendar

Google Calendar has a new Lab today that makes rescheduling an event a breeze. If you create an event (say, for a meeting), and a key participant has to cancel, you no longer have to turn on everyone’s calendars again and hunt for alternate times to reschedule.

Just enable “Event Rescheduler” via Settings > Labs at upper-right in Google Calendar.

Click Save at the top of the window, and you’re set.

Now, when you have an event that needs to be rescheduled, click on it and then click “Find at new time” on the right-side of the window.

You’ll be presented with various options for future dates and times that are currently clear on all participant’s calendars.

If you want, you can adjust the search filtering options on the left-side of the screen to give you optimal results.

[Smart Rescheduler – Official Gmail Blog]

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