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Attach a File to a Google Calendar Event

Attach a File to a Google Calendar Event

Edit 11/18/09: Since this post was written, Google changed this feature to a Calendar Lab. To enable attaching Google Docs to Calendar events, go to Settings > Labs in Google Calendar and enable the “Attach Google Docs” Lab.  Click Save at the top or bottom of list.

Original Post:

Google quietly snuck a new feature into Google Calendar last week. You can now add a Google Doc item to a Calendar appointment. You can also add multiple documents to a single appointment if you wish.

This is great for attaching a meeting agenda to an appointment, and/or perhaps a Google spreadsheet for use to discuss budget items.

Be sure to share any Google Doc with the intended recipients before attaching to the Calendar event; otherwise, the recipients won’t be able to open the attachment.

To attach a Google Doc to a Calendar event, create a new appointment (or open an existing appointment) and click “Add a Google document” under the event description field.

A window will pop up letting you choose from your Google Docs items:

Calendar Attachment

Click the checkbox next to one or more attachments to add to your event, then click the “Select” button at bottom.

Your file attachments will now be added to the event.

If a file you wish to attach isn’t in your Google Docs account, upload it to Google Docs first. Google Docs will upload any Microsoft Word file in .doc format, or Excel spreadsheets in .xls format, or PowerPoint presentation. You can even upload .pdf files. To upload a file to Google Docs, open Google Docs and click “Upload.” Browse to the file location and click the “Upload File.”

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